Game Plan & Steps For A Successful Turnkey Buildout

STEP 1: Design of Office Space

Roundhill Construction (RHC) in conjunction with the project architect will work with each owner to first understand in detail the entire program requirement and provide space plans until the owner is satisfied with the design in all respects. Architectural plans will be prepared for the owner’s approval. Mechanical, electrical and special requirements for the space will be reviewed with the respective engineers who will also produce permit documents.

Roundhill Construction will meticulously analyze all architectural plans, specifications, and details and confirm all components, assemblies and systems are properly coordinated.

STEP 2: Pricing and Scheduling of Improvements

Roundhill will provide detailed cost estimates to the designed space and also provide value engineering if requested.

Preliminary construction schedules will also be prepared and updated on a weekly basis.

STEP 3: Production of Architectural & Engineering Design Documents

Based on the design selected by the owner, RHC will manage and coordinate the production of the architectural, HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler, fire alarm, and electrical technical documents that are required to secure a permit to do the improvements.

STEP 4: Permitting

Roundhill will prepare the permit applications and secure each and every signoff from the appropriate City building official that will be required to obtain a building permit.

STEP 5: Management of Construction

RHC will provide seasoned professionals to administer, supervise and coordinate the work of the numerous subcontractors, suppliers, and inspectors to ensure the components of the work being performed are timely and to each owner’s exacting standards.

State-of-the-art construction management tools will be utilized to manage the process to control costs, scheduling, and quality.

STEP 6: Occupancy/Move In

RHC will coordinate securing all of the required signoffs from the City officials needed to obtain an Occupancy Permit.

In addition, RHC will coordinate the move-in of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment.