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Entrances, Lobby & Mezzanine | 294 Washington St., Boston, MA

CLIENT/TENANT: Synergy Investment & Development




LANDLORD: Milk Street Owner SPE LLC

LOCATION: 294 Washington St | Boston, MA

ARCHITECT: Nelson Architecture Inc

DELIVERY METHOD: Negotiated GMP Contract

SCOPE: Dramatic makeover of Entrances, Lobby and Mezzanine to modernize and refresh all architectural features in the most prominent space in the building which was tired. The scope included:

  • Remove and replace all wall and ceiling lighting throughout Lobby and at Entrances at 294 Washington Street, 10 Milk Street, and Spring Lane.
  • Buildout and refinish column lightboxes to allow new vertical lighting to be installed within box.
  • Remove and replace main Reception desk.
  • Remove and replace entrance doors at 294 Washington Street, 10 Milk Street, and Spring Lane.
  • Refinish all existing vertical wall surfaces including refinishing existing wood wainscoting, base, and trim.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Not disrupting the heavily traffic entrance and lobby while performing the substantial renovations. Getting the renovations completed in a very compressed timeframe required qualified labor for multiple shifts.

SOLUTION: Carefully formulating and coordination a site logistics plan and meticulously executing the same.

Securing and integrating sufficient qualified tradesmen for the shift work that was required in order to achieve the critical deadline.


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